ISHERL is educational and advocacy institution, which mandate pursues the destrata(s) of Human Rights, Environmental and Humanitarian Law for mankind

It upholds and promotes the purposes of the United Nations, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in particular and other international laws, as well as the laws and constitutions of various countries.

Its activism and programmes are guided by all relevant Human Rights instruments, relevant instruments of environmental law, the Declaration on the Rights to Development and fundamental principles of Humanitarian Law; and dedicated  to the protection of environment, human and people’s rights, intellectual development, cultural understanding, conflict resolution, management and policy dialogue assimilation.

ISHERL is an international non-governmental organization of global status, which exists as a corporate legal entity; a company limited by guarantee. The idealogy of the organization is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights-a doctrine, adopted by United Nations in 1948. Its enabling authority is therefore, articles 20(1) and 28 of UNDHR.

The Ideology includes:

The promotion and regards for environment, peoples/human rights and of intellectualism, sustainable development, environmental  and humanitarian law, as well as articulation of conflict resolution through crusade, research, pacification mission; mediation etc, seminar, advocacy, monitoring, education/ enlightenments, publications, reporting, consultancy, workshops, and other lawful means or projects.

Through this ideology, the organization is dedicated to the pursuit and attainment of a stable and harmonious society. And accordingly, the association’s agenda and general policy objectives shall be derive directly from the association’s objectives and its functions as informed by this ideology.


ISHERL increasingly identifies, analyzes and proposes practical solutions to a broad range of legal, technical, operational and multi-dimensional issues affecting humanity, governance, policy, and its functions related projects.


ISHERL represent a spectrum of approaches
from the level of creative visions, reform advocacy
and creative problem-solving through training and education programmes down to legal development and actual implementation of programmes.


Educational training and programmes offered at ISHERL can prepare you to pursue interests and careers in environmental law, humanitarian law, human rights, environmental journalism, environmental education, environmental information system.

A unique collection of classical, pedagogic, innovative and catalytic approaches

The Institute maintains robust and efficient research mechanisms for all of its members in research sector, and for interesting and accepted members of the public.

Legal Actions

ISHERL maintains an uncompromising stand – a fight-to-finish approach in the right-battle venture. It can represent any individual, the class citizenry or any justified claimed group

Partnership Philosophy

 ISHERL has autonomous mechanism of existence but values public-private partnerships.We participate in activities under the auspices of governmental and intergovernmental agencies.

Cultural and Natural Heritage

ISHERL seeks to help develop a modern and novel era of consciousness, and is energetically striving to maximize social, economic, political and fundamentally, “attitudinal” changes,


Since our relationship to the general environment poses many and often complex problems affecting humanity, it course, depicts the course of global linkage to such problems and the imperative level for their solutions