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Our Mission

Our mission is to build a global institution that disseminate
information and proactively respond to society incidences and
world problems by creating solutions and installing sustainable development.

International Institute for Humanitarian and Environmental Law is a legal, research and advocacy institution of a global status, which undertakes multi-sector and specialist team activities, including review and formulation of strategic assistance, representative, analytical and advisory services and cross-support to other sectors in the design, monitoring, campaign and implementation of high-level programmes relating to environment, human rights, environmental law, education, environmental systems,  intellectual development,  humanitarian law, sustainable development, and development across themes.

It increasingly identifies, analyzes and proposes practical solutions to a broad range of legal, technical, operational and multi-dimensional issues affecting humanity, governance, policy, and its functions related projects. These include, initiating and contributing in high-level discussions on policy reform and developmental programmes as well as consultancy services in such projects.

The functions of ISHERL are very diverse and represent a spectrum of approaches from the level of creative visions, reform advocacy and creative problem-solving through training and education programmes down to legal development and actual implementation of programmes.

Appropriately, the institute can be regarded as a “corporate conglomerate”. This global institution focuses on strengthening of international and national training and evaluation programmes and to design, document, disseminate and promote positive incentives and models for development that can be adapted and replicated through out developed and least-developed countries, as well as the United Nations systems.

ISHERL has developed a vast links with intellectuals, activists and organizations around the globe, and assures success by pragmatic solutions to any of the projects handled.



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Our action programmes operates at any societal level and at global, cross-cultural level.