Our History

/Our History

Brief History and Mandate of ISHERL

The idea of ISHERL was born on the 13th day of May, 2005. It has accreditation of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs – ECOSOC administrative unit and recognized by UN DESA. It is registered and certified as legal and educational institution with the governments of different countries, including the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This registration and certification with the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was made possible by a resolution passed in the 1ST Biannual Congress of the International Trusteeship Council in 2008. The said resolution was actuated in fulfillment of Article 23(3) of ISHERL’s constitution. The Article stipulates as follows:

“This organization, that is to say International Institute for Humanitarian and Environmental Law, shall be registered with the government of the country where its activities or international secretariat shall be located, under the statutory laws of such country …”

Structure of ISHERL

ISHERL has three major structural organs as follows:

  1. International Trusteeship Council (ITC)
  2. The Secretariat
  3. The General Assembly (G.A)

1)      International Trusteeship Council (ITC)

TO contact the International Trusteeship Council, log into www.isherl.org/contact us or e-mail itc@isherl.org


To contact the Secretariat log into www.isherl.org/contact us or e-mail admin@isherl.org

  1. States General Assembly (S.G.A)

Each State General Assembly can be contacted through the secretariat of such SGAs jurisdiction found on the ISHERL website.